Norton Out Of Time Released

The prequel to Hitler Out Of Time was released on 27 June 2016. This is now book 1 of the Out Of Time book series, and takes place 2 years prior to Hitler Out Of Time’s main events of 2015.

The story is about Norton Blake, working as a secret agent for MI9 in 2013. A traitor in the UK is sending secrets to a foreign entity, and another agent who was sent to investigate has mysteriously vanished, presumed dead.

Norton Blake is sent to investigate and travels to Rome, Berlin and crashes back in London before the culprits can be brought to justice. But what big event takes place in Norton’s life at the end of all this?

Norton Out Of Time www.hitleroutoftime.comRead the book now to jump into the adventure.

It is available on Amazon Kindle, at Smashwords, and other good ebook stores now.

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