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You can now get Hitler Out Of Time at Amazon

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You can now get Hitler Out Of Time at Amazon, just go to www.hitleroutoftime.com/amazon and if in the UK go to www.hitleroutoftime.com/amazonuk

What if the Nazis had invented a time machine during World War Two and Adolf Hitler had used that to travel in time to change the course of the war? But what if the time machine was not quite perfected and the unintended result was that Hitler ended up in a different time to what he expected? And what if he then managed to accomplish what he needed to do by finding a way to go back in time and change history? And what if only two people realised what had happened and were the only ones who could stop this new alternate reality?

Hitler Out Of Time www.hitleroutoftime.com https://tinyurl.com/hootbookWhat-if stories always appeal to us because they allow us to explore a different world, one where things turned out differently because of a few people making different decisions. The idea of the Nazis winning World War Two and ruling the world is nothing new, and it is exciting to explore this idea, up to a certain extent, to see what would have happened. It should make us more grateful that in reality the Nazis did not win World War Two and did not create the thousand-year Reich that Hitler had wanted. So we explore what might have been, not because we wished it had been that way (in fact we are glad it was not that way), but because we have to see both sides of the coin, as it were. To see what would have happened if the Allies had sat back and allowed Hitler to take over Europe, or if the Nazis had been just a bit more powerful and quicker to develop and implement the atomic bomb. It seems like we avoided a great disaster for the world in defeating Germany in World War Two, but that is not to say that it could not happen again.

A print-on-demand edition is planned.

Currently available on Amazon Kindle and from Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, Apple iBooks and other good ebook stores.



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