About Hitler Out Of Time

Hitler Out Of Time is a time travel sci-fi novel, set in the modern day as well as World War Two.

The Nazis invent a time machine in 1945 and send Hitler forward in time, where he is hunted by secret agent Norton Blake. But Hitler goes back in time and the Nazis win WW2, creating a nightmare world in which Norton is trapped. Can it all be put back to how things were?

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Read this new sci-fi novel to find out and follow our hero Norton Blake as he goes in search of Hitler and the time machine, and whether he can save the world from a new Nazi Reich.

What if the Nazis had built a time machine during World War 2 and Adolf Hitler was able to use that to travel in time? But what if he ended up going 70 years forward and losing his memory? What would he be like in the modern day? And then what if he regained his memory, found his time machine again and went back in time to change history so that the Nazis won World War 2? What kind of world would we then be living in?

And what if there were just 2 people who knew what had happened, what had changed, and that the world was not right? And only they could change things and put it all back to how things should be?

Would they succeed or would the world be doomed to destruction?

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